Joke Of The Day

Since the singer's amused, I do think
There's a term for the gal that's in sync
With her song 'Raise Your Glass'.
And the term for the lass
Will describe her quite well: Tickled Pink.
(Kirk Miller)

When needing a Hackney Carriage
The wise will no driver disparage.
Surely fair's fair
That you pay your fare
For he's counting on you for his wage.
(Joseph Harris)

There's a man who needs stimulation
'Cause he's lacking in concentration.
His attention's fleeting
At a school board meeting,
Which is called bored of education.
(Kirk Miller)

At their session, the shrinks both kissed
And made love; they could not resist.
On spouses they're cheating
At secretive meeting.
Session's called a psychia-tryst.
(Kirk Miller)

At home plate, runner slid on the ground;
He collided with catcher and found
He was not signaled out;
Wasn't hurt, so no doubt
He was happy to be safe and sound.
(Kirk Miller)

In the kitchen, the husband has splattered
Lots of cake mix on wife who is shattered.
It is seen by their niece
Who then calls the police.
Man's arrested 'cause wife had been battered.
(Kirk Miller)

A slow kid told his mom that today
On his test he was close to an "A".
"HOW close?" she then asked,
And he answered her fast,
"Really close. I was one seat away."
(Bill Vietti)

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